Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee Spotted in Pune. Caught Testing?

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That the Jeep vehicles are headed to India is a well known fact. It is being said that the Jeep vehicles have already reached Fiat’s Ranjangaon facility and the testing of Jeep vehicles on Indian roads has already commenced.

Fiat India will be rigorously testing the Jeep cars on Indian tarmac and it is being said that the Jeep test vehicles will clock close to 2 lakh kms on our roads by the end of August 2013. The testing is required to fine tune the vehicles as per Indian road conditions.

For Indian market, the Jeep Wrangler will come with a 2.8L diesel motor with 197 bhp on tap. The Grand Cherokee, on the other hand, will come with a more powerful 3.0L oil burner with a max power output rated at 237 bhp. Unfortunately, India won’t get the 2014 Grand Cherokee facelift tht was showcased at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show last month.


Fiat India will launch the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler SUV in Indian market and both these cars will be brought to us via CBU route. While the Wrangler will be priced close to INR 30 lakhs, the Grand Cherokee will come with a sticker price of around INR 45 lakhs.

Now, our friend Rohan Patil has spotted a trio of Jeep vehicles in Pune. It is interesting to note that many are of the opinion that these vehicles are test vehicles of Fiat India. While we would have liked to believe that Fiat India is indeed testing the Jeep cars on Indian roads, the fact that the vehicles spotted sported private license plates makes us wait before branding these vehicles as test mules.

Also, the cars spotted wore no camouflage or any sort of disguise. It may be noted that most manufacturers disguise their vehicle before testing them on public roads. Finally, Rohan says that the cars were chauffeur driven and all the three drivers wore the same uniform, thereby, hinting that the cars might have the same “private owner”.

While we would be really happy if Fiat India is indeed testing the Jeep cars on Indian roads, we would wish to wait and watch before claiming that these vehicles are Jeep India test mules.


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