Jay Leno to return with a car show on CNBC

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Jay Leno might be known over the world for his now discontinued talk show, but for us petrolheads, he is more admired for his penchant for anything automotive, and his ability to indulge in them thanks to good old TV money. Well, if you are tired as we are of watching YouTube clips of him driving some of the world’s most delectable machinery on your laptop during office lunch hours, we have got good news for you. Jay Leno will be coming back to the small screen, thanks to a new deal with CNBC America.

CNBC America has already tested waters with “Jay Leno’s Garage: The Ultimate Car Week,” a one-off special Leno filmed at the annual Monterey Car Week in and around Pebble Beach. Its success is probably what gave the news-based channel the impetus to carry forward with this negotiation.


According to The LA Times, the new program will be a nighttime version of the Jay Leno’s Garage web series that we have all gone to love. Apparently, CNBC Chief Executive Mark Hoffman is a longtime Leno fan, and has been keen to find a way to bring him to the network and keep him in the NBC family.

That is good news for us, as Top Gear comes on TV for only seven episodes every year, and who better than a smooth-talking talk-show host to get the common man interested in cars and motorcycles.

Source: The LA Times


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