Japan to get a Mitsubishi Mirage Hello Kitty special edition

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If our friends abroad are to be believed, the Mirage, which is Mitsubishi’s latest bargain-basement supermini, doesn’t feel like it comes from the makers of the legendary Lan-evo. The Mirage is said to have a vague steering, excessive body roll and almost non existent grip levels.

However, all this hasn’t kept people from buying the small car in decent numbers and much to do with this could be the car’s cutesy looks, feature-laden interiors and efficient motors. The car has garnered quite a popularity among the fairer sex and it seems like Mitsubishi has come up with a new special variant of its small hatchback to cash-in on this factor.

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Seen here in the pics is the new Mitsubishi Mirage Hello Kitty special edition and the the latest limited edition Japan-exclusive variant will go on sale starting next month. Production would be limited to just 400 units and the latest special model comes at the back of the 40th birthday of the well known cartoon character.

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The features list on the new Mitsubishi Mirage Special edition model includes a bright pink paint job, new hub caps (that have a Hello Kitty ribbon) and Hello Kitty interior upholstery.

The new Mitsubishi Mirage Hello Kitty special edition will have a starting price of 1,116,570 yen (that’s approx US Dollar 11,500).

The ultimate dolly car ever? As long as you ignore the driving pleasure, or should we say, the utter lack of it!

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