January 2010 Two wheelers sales report!

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Bajaj Auto :

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A whopping rise of 112% has been witnessed by Bajaj Auto in its two wheelers sales in the first month of the year 2010. The company managed to sell 233,000 units in the month of January, this year, as compared to 109,000 units which were sold in the same month, a year ago. The firm’s combined sales of two wheelers and three wheelers have reportedly doubled with the sale of 270,000 units. Exports of the firm has observed a 33% rise with 71,695 units. The newly launched Pulsar 135 LS managed a sales figure of 28,000 units out of the 71,970 pulsars sold during January 2010.

TVS Motor :

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During January 2009, TVS Motors had managed to sell 93,729 units which have now increased by 34% at 125,578 units this year. Amongst these, the firm exported 16,074 units this year, as compared to 14,000 units in January 2009. The exports have thus observed a 15% rise. The company also managed to sell 1,710 three wheeler units this year as compared to 466 units in January 2009.

Hero Honda :

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The two wheeler giant witnessed a growth of 23.57% with the sale of 389,802 units in January this year as compared to the 315,458 units sold in January 2009. The firm also claims that it is selling a monthly average of 17,000 units of its scooter christened Pleasure. However, the sales figure for Hero Honda Pleasure has reportedly crossed the 18,000 mark during January 2010.


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A 24.84% rise in sales was observed by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) during January this year. The firm sold 118,571 units in January 2010 as compared to 94,982 units sold last year.

HMSI sold 19% more motorcycles at 47,815 units in January this year as compared to 40,153 units in January 2009. The firm’s scooter sales also climbed the slope by 29% at 70,756 units in January 2010 as compared to 54,829 units sold a year ago.

Suzuki Motorcycle India :

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Suzuki Motors India observed a whopping rise of 93% in its two wheeler sales in January this year. The firm managed to sell a total of 20,441 units.

Yamaha :

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January 2010 did not seem to be a good month for the sales of Yamaha. In January 2009, Yamaha managed to sell 18,320 units. however, this figure has dropped to 17,598 units which is 3.94% less than last year.

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