Janhavi Gadkar Eastern Freeway Crash: More details emerge with a new plot

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Motoroids has been following up on the recent tragedy that took place on the Eastern Freeway in Mumbai. Now we have pieced together more of this puzzle and the updates bring to light the chain of undoubtedly irresponsible acts of Janhavi Gadkar. The 35-year-old corporate lawyer completed LLB from Churchgate’s Government Law College in 2002 and went to the UK to finish her LLM in 2004.

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A few days before her catastrophic crash on the Eastern Freeway, Gadkar knocked down a couple of BARC security guards riding a motorcycle in Govandi. Though that time around, no one was gravely hurt and were treated at a hospital. This woman should have learnt her lesson on driving right there. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, maximum allowable blood-alcohol level is 0.003 percent per 100 ml of blood. At the time of analysis, Gadkar’s blood samples contained 120 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, four times the legal limit. The forensic lab confirmed that it will take a few more days before the whole report is ready. It seems after her stint at Hotel Marine Plaza, which earlier was considered the only place she drank at, Police reports suggest that Gadkar later visited The Irish House Pub in Fort, South Mumbai.

Police have recovered the CCTV footage of her entering the pub. It is not known if she had a few more pegs there, but there’s no denying the possibility. She told police that her halt at Marine Drive for two hours was her attempt to sober up and that she was alone during this period. However, Gadkar’s statements to the police seem to clash against logic and common sense. She told the police that she left her friends at midnight and then continued on her way back home. This begs the question – how can one be alone and be with one’s pals at the same time? Something’s not quite right here. Her esteemed colleagues didn’t object to Gadkar’s decision of driving back to Chembur in such an intoxicated condition either.

Surprisingly, as it turns out (and as opposed to the previous reports), after having driven from Marine Drive, the 35-year-old reached Wadi Bunder and entered the Eastern Freeway and was for now, driving on the correct side. Though once she got to the Panjarpol circle on the Sion-Panvel highway, she allegedly lost her sense of direction, and wound up on the portion of the Freeway that heads south. Gadkar drove on for a while before realising her navigational goof up. The sloshed lawyer then executed a U-turn right where she was. Now driving northbound on the side of the road that goes south, Gadkar was oblivious to any hazards. A couple of kilometres later, and at high speed, Gadkar’s Audi Q3 smashed into the taxi and its unsuspecting occupants. Police say that Gadkar was too drunk to realise that she was driving on the wrong side of the Freeway. Janhavi Gadkar is currently remanded in custody, where she is to remain till 26 June 2015.

We will keep you posted on any updates on this matter. Till then, drive safe and don’t drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

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