Is this a patent leak of an upcoming Jaguar XJ LWB variant?

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China and long wheelbase variants of already spacious cars are closely related. Thanks to China’s love for cars with enough rear space to host a football match inside them, most car manufacturers make it a point to come up with a China-spec version of their premium/luxury cars.

As we said, such is the demand for long wheelbase variants of popular luxury cars that even the most successful of car makers are fast coming up with more spacious variants of their models. One such upcoming LWB model is that of the Jaguar XJ. Before you point it out, let me clarify that we know that a long wheelbase model of the XJ already exists but the reason for us to write this post is that a supposedly “leaked patent drawing” of an even longer variant has emerged on the cyber space.

While we won’t be too surprised to soon see Jaguar launching this new variant in China, there surely are possibilities of this model being that of a 3D model made for a driving game. The “super-stretched” XJ, if ever it makes it to production, will be built exclusively for Chinese market.

We also won’t be surprised if this model of the XJ would be sold by some other car manufacturer. Stay tuned for more info on this.

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