Is That… Is That Triumph Daytona?

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The ethics of journalism bind us from being biased but being an automotive journalist, it is almost impossible not to have a bias towards a particular set of wheels. The Triumph Daytona might not be on sale anymore but even the mention of it can make our heart skip a lot of beats. It gets almost on the verge of us getting riddled with a cardiac arrest. Despite being a middleweight, it was a widespread assumption that it could give a litre-class sportsbike a run for its money, in the hands of a skilled rider.

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The reason why we are getting all nostalgic about the Daytona is that Triumph has unveiled the new Dynavolt Street Triple 765 RS Supersport Challenger and it looks almost like a Daytona!

Triumph Dynavolt Street Triple RS (1)

It will be ridden by former WSS British rider Kyle Smith and former British MotoStar champion Brandon Paasch in the Quattro Group British Supersport series. The engines used by Dynavolt Triumph for the 2021 Quattro Group British Supersport Championship will be the same ones as used in Moto2.  As expected, it is not road-legal and is solely built to do one thing: obliterate track records.

Triumph Dynavolt Street Triple RS

And there are numerous components that help it achieve that. Race-spec clip-ons, rear-set footpegs, a full-system racing exhaust from, fully adjustable race suspension from Bitubo, and an extensive braking setup with braided lines and petal discs to name a few.

Triumph Dynavolt Street Triple RS (3)

Official statement

“We wouldn’t go into this project if we didn’t think that this is a bike that could genuinely compete. The Street Triple is a naked sports bike but it’s derived from the Daytona so we think, in terms of geometry, this is a really good starting point for a race bike. I think, as a starting package, you’ve got a chassis that really works and engine wise, we’ve got the 765 Triple. It’s an engine that we’ve been using in Moto2 for the last couple of seasons and I think the response we have had and the performance we’ve had will tell you that the engine, as a package, is something that is going to compete. Combining the two things together, the engine and the chassis, I think we’ve got a really good starting point,” said Steve Sargent, Triumph’s Chief Product Officer.

Triumph Dynavolt Street Triple RS (2)

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