Is an electric Kawasaki Ninja coming out very soon? Leaked patent images surface

Is an electric Kawasaki Ninja arriving very soon? Leaked patent images indicate that there would be an announcement very soon, probably at Tokyo Motor Show.

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Kawasaki-Ninja-300 - 3

In March this year, we stumbled upon some crude patent images, claimed to be of a new Kawasaki motorcycle that would be powered by an electric motor. The patent images that were leaked early this year came soon after Kawasaki reportedly registered Ninja E2 and E2R trademarks. We didn’t come across much details on that front, till now. This time, we found some clearer and detailed leaked patent images of a Kawasaki Ninja electric motorcycle courtesy UK based website MoreBikes.

As seen in these leaked images, this upcoming electric Ninja will be equipped with conventional telescopic suspension and single disc brake setup at front thus indicating that this eco-friendly Kwacker will be a entry level model and not a full-fledged superbike, as claimed by the leaked image source.

Electric Kawasaki Ninja - Patents - 1

The motorcycle seen in the leaked patent images resembles the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and is likely to share its components with the twin-headlight little green monster. However, the electric motorcycle will receive an updated chassis to hold the new electric powered motor and battery. There are absolutely no details about the technical specifications but we expect Kawasaki to announce some details soon, possibly at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show scheduled in the coming weeks.

We are eager to hear more details about this motorcycle and would keep our readers posted about any further developments. Meanwhile, you can share your views about this upcoming, eco-friendly Kawasaki motorcycle through the comments section below. Don’t forget to share the word with your friends through our social network tab.

Here are some more images:

Electric Kawasaki Ninja – Patents – 6
Electric Kawasaki Ninja – Patents – 5
Electric Kawasaki Ninja – Patents – 4
Electric Kawasaki Ninja – Patents – 3
Electric Kawasaki Ninja – Patents – 2
Electric Kawasaki Ninja – Patents – 1

Image source: MoreBikes

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  • Ricci says:

    This is “shocking” news indeed ! I'm sure those riders who are keeping up with “current” news will put up a lot of “resistance” , even though such a bike has lots of “potential”.