Inventor From Mumbai Creates Finger Wiper for Helmets: Must Read!


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Sagar Ashok Jage, a diploma holder in Automobile Engineering and B.E. in Mechanical Engineering has come up with an innovative finger wiper for helmets. Sagar, who has great interest in Product and Transportation Design, has developed the new device entirely by himself. If successful in application, the new accessory may be of tremendous use to thousands of avid bikers who love riding in the wet weather.

A brief introduction

Finger wiper is a small and simple product designed for wiping water from helmet visor while riding through rain. It is so designed that even the mud water also gets wiped off from the visor and the visor becomes clear allowing proper vision to the rider.

Concept design & testing

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Sagar used to travel by bike everyday from Badlapur to Thane for work. Distance is around 40 kilometers. One day he was on his way to office and it started raining heavily. Sagar was not able to ride properly as mud particles were constantly getting splashed on his visor thanks to the slush sprayed by trucks and cars. At that time Sagar noticed that he was continuously wiping his visor by his left hand. That was a Eureka moment for him.

At first Sagar planned to fabricate a hand glove with wiping material on it. But soon he realized that such an accessory would be difficult to manufacture and costly too. Many people don’t like to use hand gloves, few already have it and they will not buy another one only for rainy season. Keeping all those points and the preferences of the stingy Indian user in mind, Sagar felt the product should be portable, easy to manufacture and most importantly, cheap.

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Then I came up with the concept of ‘Finger Wiper’. Finger wiper is so designed that you just have to mount it on your finger and you can use it on your existing hand gloves too. Because of its simple design it’s easy and cheap to manufacture.

For testing, Sagar needed a sample so he bought a car windscreen wiper, took its rubber part, cut it, attached elastic, hand stitched it and made two sample pieces at home. One he used and tested it for a few days, he gave a sample to his friend to test it.

After testing the product, Sagar realized that the product was working very nicely and cleaning the visor properly. He also got good feedback from his friends who used the product. He concluded that his design was working successfully and started using it daily. While using the product, he realized that if his design is working so well, then why not let other riders benefit from this product. So Sagar along with his two Mechanical Engineer friends Tejas Paldhe & Pravin Dalvi started an engineering consultancy and planned to manufacture this product and sell in market.

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  1. Why dont you (‘Motoroids’) google it up. You’ll know this already exists and is available on online market. (In a better form/design, and colors and sizes if you want)

    Good attempt by him surely but nothing unique.

    I, for one, have been looking for helmet wipers and came across this last year. My hunt atill continues, for I dont know how reliable would the (helmet wipers) chinese versions be.

  2. A very pathetic and ridiculous invention made to solve a problem which should never be there. First of the visor of the helmet should be such that water should never stick to it.


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