Intermot 2016 : BMW Motorrad updates the BMW S 1000 RR, S 1000 R and S 1000 XR



BMW Motorrad has updates the range of its sporty 4-cylinder models and announced the change at the 2016 Intermot. For the model year 2017 the supersports bike S 1000 RR, the S 1000 R roadster and the adventure sports model S 1000 XR have undergone a lot of changes.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the changes made on the motorcycles for model Year 2017

BMW S 1000RR

The new BMW S 1000 RR has been adapted to meet EU4 requirements. The model sees ABS Pro introduced as a new element of the optional equipment item “Riding Modes Pro”. Also, DTC now comes as standard


The new RR will now  be made available as a single-seat model with passenger seat cover. However, the pillion package, if desired by the customer, will be made available free of charge as an alternative.

For Model Year 2017 the basic colours remains the same, and include Racing Red non-metallic / Lightwhite non-metallic and BMW Motorsport (Lupine Blue metallic/Lightwhite non-metallic/Racing Red non-metallic), though the colour scheme has been changed slightly. BMW Motorrad has also introduced a new colour variant namely Granite Grey metallic/Blackstorm metallic.

Wheels with red rim lines are now included as standard as part of the colour concepts Racing Red non-metallic / Lightwhite non-metallic and BMW Motorsport.

The power and performance of the motorcycle remains same as before.

The new BMW S 1000 R

As with the new S1000RR, the S 1000 R has also been adapted to EU4 requirements. The power of the motorcycle has been increased from 160hp to 165 hp @ 11,rpm. In addition, the weight of the bike has also been reduced by 2 kg to 205 kg DIN unladen, while the payload has increased by 2 kg.

The bike now gets the HP titanium rear silencer as standard for a sportier look and even better sound. The handlebars on the bike are of the vibration-free variety for a more comfortable ride. The frame structure for the bike is also new with lighter main frame rear section.


As with the S1000RR, ABS Pro now comes as a new element of the optional “Riding Modes Pro” package. The bike also offers ‘HP Shift Assistant Pro’ quick shifter which allows quick shifting for both up and down shifts as an option.

The new S 1000 R gets light HP forged wheels, lighter by 2.4 kg as an a new optional equipment. Also available as an option are Design Option Wheels with red rim lines.

The fairing of the bike has been reduced significantly, while the multifunction instrument cluster now has improved readability and includes outdoor temperature display.


New colour variants for the Model Year 2017 S 1000 R include Racing Red non-metallic / Blackstorm metallic, Catalano Grey non-metallic and BMW Motorsport (Lupine Blue metallic/Lightwhite non-metallic/Racing Red non-metallic).

BMW S 1000 XR

As with the other two models, the bike has been adapted to EU4 requirements. Power has gone up from 160hp to 165 hp. As with the S 1000 R, the handlebars on the S 1000 XR are also vibration free now. The payload for the bike has been increased by 10 kg to 444 kg, allowing it to carry more weight.


In addition to existing colour schemes, the new Model Year 2017 S 1000 XR gets a new colour variant Ocean Blue metallic matt.

Check out an image gallery of all the bikes below

bmw-s1000-rr-s100r-and-xr-Intermot 2016

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