Insane Crash Nearly Destroys Entire Luxury Car Dealership

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This isn’t the first time someone has crashed into a luxury car dealership an destroyed some of the most luxurious machines money can ever buy. But, this crash has to be labelled as the most epic car dealership crashes.


The crash took place in Brownsville, Texas, at the Barett Auto Gallery last week. A 2004 Chevrolet Malibu plowed into the dealership after jumping a curb. The Malibu jumped a curb and rammed into a grey Jaguar F-Type. After the F-Type, the Malibu went on to flip over the roof of a red Camaro ZL1.


After crashing into two beautiful cars, the Chevy ended up flat on its back in a nearby patch of grass. The crash resulted into the damage of around seven cars in total and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. There is no information if the driver survived or if the vehicles were insured in the event of insanity. We suspect this is just another case of driving under influence.

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