Indian businessman pays a whopping INR 60 Crores for special Dubai number plate



Indian businessman Balwinder Sahani has paid a whopping $9 million (33 million Dirhams/INR 60 Crores) for a special, single digit number plate in Dubai. Last Saturday (8/10/2016), Balwinder placed the highest bid for the “D5” number plate at a live auction at the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel in Dubai. More than 300 bidders participated in the auction, with the bid for “D5″starting at 20 million Dirhams.

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The coveted number plate will be used on one of Balwinder’s many Roll-Royce cars. The businessman, owner a property management company, with interests in the UAE, Kuwait, India and the US, is a collector of special number plates. He already has ten of them in his arsenal, and last year, he bought the “O9” number plate at the same auction for 25 million Dirhams.

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In United Arab Emirates, single/double digit number plates are seen as a status symbol, flaunted by the wealthy on their exotic cars. The proceeds from auctions like these go to Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority. In 2008, businessman Saeed Al Khouri paid 52.2 million Dirhams for the number 1 number plate in Abu Dhabi, a record for the country.


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  • Dr.Varghese says:

    Please do not highlight the fact that he is an indian businessman.The fact that he is Indian or anyother native does not take away from the futility of chasing behind such useless things.Well if he reads this …let him know the number of children in India who are stunted due to malnutrition.

  • Nishit says:

    Yes he’s taking the whole car to heavean
    ….. god bless u …. jerk

  • Lokesh says:

    1. If you earned money in a right way you will never spent likely for number in number ie also not worthy as your owned luxurious cars… It’s foolish act.
    2. If you earned money really in a right way means you will never spent likely.. To education poor or to employ people’s and donate to education institutions or encouraging young entrepreneurs in world… It’s great stupid act
    3. No body who earned money in a rightway they never spent for any social prestigious issues, they are not foolish,
    Hence he earned money in a wrong way..
    Please do prosecute him.. To get fund from him… On the form of income taxes… It’s absolutely black money… Do it fast