India Yamaha Motor to have a production capacity of 50 lakh units by 2020

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It has emerged that famous Japanese bike manufacturer Yamaha intends to have a production capacity of as many as 50 lakh units in India by 2020. For this, the manufacturer could set up install many new manufacturing plants.

We are eyeing a production capacity of five million units by 2020. For that, we would require more manufacturing plants in the country,” India Yamaha Motor CEO and Managing Director Hiroyuki Suzuki told PTI.

India Yamaha Motor also wishes to enjoy a total market share of 10 per cent in India by 2015.Commenting on market share, Suzuki said: “By 2016 we would like to have a combined market share of 10 per cent in bikes and scooter segments.

Currently, the manufacturer has two production plants in India- one produces two wheelers and other manufactures only spare parts. The bike production facility has an annual manufacturing capacity of 10 lakh units. This unit will be joined by a new facility in Chennai, which will boast of an annual capacity of 18 lakh units. This plant is expected to come up by 2018.

Talking about medium term plans, Hiroyuki Suzuki said: “We are targeting a capacity of two million units by 2016. We plan to export 30 per cent of the total capacity.

Speaking about the plans to launch a “bigger than R15″ model, he said:”Yamaha is strong in 150 cc segment today. We are focusing on the commuter segment, but at the same time we would like to introduce bikes above 150 cc in the future,” “We are targeting domestic sales of 4.6 lakh units and 2.1 lakh units in exports markets,” Suzuki added. Speaking about the sales target for this year, Suzuki said:”We are targeting domestic sales of 4.6 lakh units and 2.1 lakh units in exports markets,” 

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  • Manohar says:

    Yamaha has to come with more and more new models. Their designs are best in the country and well accepted in premium segment. They are very reasonably priced for their quality. I think Yamaha should do where it is good at…premium segment.(Yamaha has got good image, where others are still dreaming of it) Should come with more premium segment quality products with features, Naked bikes with different engine options, Low compression retro bikes, motoscooters, Scooters, rather looking at cheaper segment. That’s the market of tomorrow.

  • Santo says:

    If they are coming every decade/few years a model launch…what will they do with capacity. With that portfolio of just few products they don’t need any more capacity and they are more than happy with just couple of success. They are very very weak and poor in keeping the momentum of success. Yamaha had the hardcore followers but their lack or enthusiasm left them far far behind Honda.

  • george says:

    even those Escorts times Yamaha was so slow in bringing in new models, it is high time that they had a 250 and 400 in their stable, good thing with them is that they have provided the spares for RX series as promised 🙂

  • abhishek says:

    If they stick to their current strategy they will not need that capacity.