India Bike Week 2021 Dates Revealed!

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India Bike Week or IBW is a very special motorbike event. Every year at IBW we see many bikers from all around the world come together and enjoy themselves. IBW represents a celebration of riding culture, freedom, and young independence. This year India Bike Week is going to be one of a kind. A Special Edition. There are a limited number of entries available for the India bike week 2021 special edition. On 7th November bikers can RSVP online at ‘’ and tickets will go live on 17th November India bike week 2021 the special edition is happening on 4th and 5th of December 2021 in Aamby Valley for straight 2 days. India Bike Week will be home to global biking in the country.

IBW 2021

India Bike Week 2021: What to Expect

There is a stunt competition where stunt teams from across the country will battle it out for the coveted trophy. As if that wasn’t enough, international stunt athletes will be rewriting physics and enthralling the crowd with their motorcycle antics. The IBW Biker’s Mart – India’s largest biker exhibitor zone will be selling riding kits, motorcycle accessories, and gear of every shape and size while the RevMoto Stage will be performing unprecedented live music acts, exciting launches, and all of the biker madness.

India Bike Week _Preview Meet (12)

While the party is booming the big trip tent will host sessions by giants of the world Biking scene legends who have biked across the world-across across the wilds of Afghanistan to Myanmar from Mongolia round to Patagonia along with others who have woven two wheels and an engine intrinsically into their lives. Over 400 motorcycle clubs from around the country will descend into Aamby Valley. phone numbers will be exchanged, tabs told, yarn spun, firm friendship will be forged. Engines will howl and tires will squeal as the country’s biggest and quickest bikes and cars drag race against the clock at The Valley Run happening next door.

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Official statement

Martin da Costa , CEO of 70 EMG and Director of India Bike Week says,” it will be the best India Bike Week we have ever done. In 2020, for obvious reasons, we had to take a breather. This year though after 18 months of just looking at our bikes it is finally -finally! Time to ride. We have been hell-bent on making IBW happen and all year we have wanted IBW 2021 to be up close and personal friends and Riders together. In the first week of December 202, the great migration will begin from all over the country and assemble in Aamby Valley. Sure, it’s not Goa, but this is a special event under special circumstances. It really is a special edition. We are right next to our friend Rangom’s amazing Valley Run and I cannot imagine a better weekend.”


Note: The pictures above are from India Bike Week 2019 and are not representative of India Bike Week 2021

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