Hyundai’s Smallest SUV ‘Bayon’ Teased Ahead of Global Reveal

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Out of all the other car segments, it is the SUV segment which is killing it by far. And this is the reason why more and more manufacturers are coming up with new SUVs, rather than developing new hatchbacks and sedans. Hyundai too, has a significant number of SUVs available in the international markets and is now looking forward to adding one more member to its SUV family. The Korean carmaker has dropped a teaser of its upcoming new small SUV named Bayon.

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It is designed primarily for the European market and the reason why it is named Bayon is because it is inspired by the French city of Bayonne, a hub for outdoor sporting activities, which Hyundai says, highlights “the lifestyle character” of the new model.

Hyundai Bayon teased

It isn’t the first time that a Hyundai SUV is going to be named after a city. Over the past 20 years, the company has frequently named its crossovers after interesting places around the world. And these are not only Tucson and Santa Fe cars, named after American cities in the states of Arizona and New Mexico, but also Kona, after a district on the island of Hawaii. Talking about the upcoming Bayon, Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing and Product, said “Hyundai is strongly established in the European SUV market already, in terms of our model range as well as our sales success. By launching a new, additional B-segment model as the entry point into our SUV line-up, we see a great opportunity to cover European customers’ demand even better and to increase our offering in a highly popular segment.”


The teaser image released shows the new SUV’s crescent-shaped LED tail-light and a bit of the rear end. There are some spy shots too, which reveal a new Small SUV from Hyundai and reports suggest that it is the upcoming Bayon. Reports also suggest that the upcoming Bayon will be based on the recently launched Hyundai i20.

Hyundai Bayon spied

Though it is primarily being developed for the European markets, we are hoping that Hyundai brings it here as well in the form of i20 Active which we used to get earlier apart from the standard hatchback version of the i20. It seems highly unlikely though as we already have the Venue playing its role pretty well of being the smallest Hyundai SUV.

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