Hyundai’s New Marketing Campaign Will Clear All EV Related Doubts

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Ahead of the launch, of what is the first proper all-electric SUV in the Indian market, the Kona, Hyundai has launched a new Marketing campaign called ‘Do You Know?’. With this campaign, Hyundai aims to clear the myths and doubts customers have about EVs and to spread the facts and advantages of owning an Electric Vehicle. As part of this campaign, the Korean car company will be releasing 8 ‘EV Facts Sharing’ videos starting today on its social media platforms. The 8 facts that would be covered in this series are listed below.

  • Fast Charging
  • Powerful Performance
  • Convenient Charging
  • Long Battery Life
  • Low Running Cost
  • High Safety Standards
  • Premium Looks and Features
  • Long Driving Range

Hyunda KONA Electric – Official UK Images (6)

Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Mr Puneet Anand, Senior GM & Group Head – Marketing, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. said, “Hyundai KONA Electric is The NEW NORMAL. We have always been a Brand with a Cause and Customer Centric organization striving to excel with Innovative Mobility Solutions by exploring newer avenues and possibilities. With KONA Electric, Hyundai will give a New Dimension to Indian Automobile Industry Embarking An Era of Cleaner, Greener and Sustainable Mobility. There have been numerous myths and ambiguities about electric vehicles and their ownership among Indian customers – the campaign ‘Do You Know?’ is an effort to dispel the myths and share the facts about EVs among customers.”

Hyunda KONA Electric – Official UK Images (1)

To be unveiled in the coming days, the Kona SUV will be sold as a CKD unit, as importing it as a CBU would bring costs very high. The car is available with 2 battery packs internationally, a 39 kW battery pack which promises a range of 312 km and a 64 kW battery pack which promises a range of 482 km. The former 39 kW pack is very likely to make its way to the Indian market. With this pack, the Kona manages to produce 136 bhp and a twisting force of 395 Nm.

Hyunda KONA Electric – Official UK Images (7)

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The Korean company has already released the first video talking about the fast charger the electric SUV will be offered with. With a DC charger, according to Hyundai, the Kona can charge up as fast as your mobile phone. Have a look at this video linked below.

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