Hyundai’s Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan spreads Road Safety messages : Details and Videos

Hyundai, along with their Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan, spread Road Safety messages. Here are more details and videos spreading Road Safety.

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As part of its corporate social responsibility, Hyundai Motor India has released a series of Road Safety films with an aim on bringing ‘Behavioural Change’.


The key communication focuses on Safe Driving habits related to Use of Seat Belts, Over Speeding, Drunk Driving and Mobile phones usage while driving. Hyundai says that the process of safety begins with the driver taking responsibility for their individual actions. ‘Safe Move- Road Safety’ films highlight various situations in our day-to-day life highlighting actions which can prevent mishaps. Hyundai’s Brand Ambassador and renowned Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan spreads Road Safety messages in three videos.

The message in the first of the three films is to emphasise the use of seat belt while driving and ‘Be The Better Guy’. 

The message in the second film highlights not to over speed while driving and ‘Be The Better Guy’.

The message in this film highlights not to Drink & Drive and ‘Be The Better Guy’.

What do you have to say about Hyundai’s latest safety campaign? What steps would you take to improve road safety? Share your views with us and fellow users through the comments section below.

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