Hyundai SEVEN Concept Will Pave The Way For The Next Big EV From The Korean Carmaker

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Hyundai has unveiled ‘SEVEN’, the new sport utility electric vehicle (SUEV) concept at AutoMobility LA. This category-bending electric SUV concept will be on display in Hyundai Motor’s booth, along with other segment-leading products such as IONIQ 5, and XCIENT Fuel Cell. Following the 45 concept in 2019 and the Prophecy concept in 2020, the SEVEN concept opens a new chapter for the IONIQ brand which is an embodiment of Hyundai’s dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) portfolio. SEVEN is also a clear representation of Hyundai’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2045.

SEVEN Concept 4

What is it exactly?

SEVEN concept is built upon Hyundai Motor Group’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), a dedicated BEV architecture. E-GMP’s long wheelbase and flat platform floor enable a completely new class of vehicle that offers new experiences for customers. SEVEN has an aerodynamically pure silhouette instinctively divergent from a typical SUV. The low, leading edge of the hood, a single, streamlined roofline, and elongated wheelbase communicate a clear break from traditional SUVs powered by internal combustion engines. The pure volume of SEVEN’s minimal forms contrasts with the powerful stance and commanding rugged presence. In support of SEVEN’s powerful road presence are wheels that feature integrated Active Air Flaps, which deploy or retract depending on brake-cooling or low-drag requirements.

SEVEN Concept 2

Even under the darkness of night, SEVEN is easily identified by IONIQ’s signature Parametric Pixel lights that deliver a Welcome Light Sequence on start-up. Parametric Pixels provide a common design thread, linking digital and analog styles, a reminder that its designers considered every aspect of SEVEN’s design, down to a single pixel. SEVEN’s interior design priority lies in space innovation offering greater freedom for their customers than ever before. SEVEN’s wheelbase reaches 3.2 meters, thanks to its design cue to push the wheels outward to extend the wheelbase as much as possible.

Official statements

José Muñoz, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor North America said,” The SEVEN concept demonstrates Hyundai’s creative vision and advanced technological development for our electrified mobility future Its innovative interior space, eco-friendly powertrain, and cutting-edge safety and convenience technologies reveal an exciting future for Hyundai SUV customers.”

SEVEN Concept 1

Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor Company said,” As a tangible proof of Hyundai’s vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’, IONIQ changes the paradigm of electric vehicle customer experiences, accommodating diverse lifestyles without constraints. SEVEN represents our commitment to a human-centered approach to redefine everyday experiences.”

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