Hyundai HCD-14 Walk-around Video

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hyundai hcd14

Hyundai HCD-14 points the way forward for the exterior design of Hyundai luxury cars and the cockpit technology which is revolutionary.

The HCD-14 Genesis concept is a premium sport four-door coupe luxury vehicle that makes it standout as a dynamic mixture of style and technology.  A future car which explores new thinking of a premium design and the new possibilities by developing advanced 3-D technology controls and spirited driving dynamics.

Its “fluidic precision” which is an updated version of the fluidic sculpture design gives it a more premium look and it’s a low slung car that has long lines going from front to the rear to encapsulate the idea of undisturbed sheet metal proving it to be a new age premium luxury sedan.

Check the link below for a walk around video of HCD-14 concept vehicle narrated by its designer Chris Chapman at NAIAS.


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