Hyundai creates an Iron Man suit to give humans super-strength

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Hyundai has revealed a prototype of a new exoskeleton suit, meant to provide the wearers super-strength. And the piece of kit isn’t just a ‘fan-pleasing, coverage-garnering’ kind of an exercise. Hyundai is damn serious about commercialising the exoskeleton suit for various applications. The dark blue wearable robot gear features a safety harness, and controllable arms and legs to provide mega powers to the occupant. Remember the unrelenting General from Avatar, who fought hand to hand with Pandora’s dinosaurs, and won momentarily before being speared in the face? It’s that sort of a thing.

Among those who would benefit from the new suit would include factory workers, who would be enabled to work heavier weights with the suits, in a relatively safe manner. Military application is another possibility, where the suit would provide armour, endurance and brute force to those who wear it. It could also have been weaponized, we guess, if Stark Industries, and not Hyundai were developing it.


Additionally, the new exoskeleton can be modified to provide self-sufficiency and mobility to the differently-abled and the elderly.

The suit is a part of Hyundai’s Next Mobility programme, which looks at creating a phase shift in the area of transport. According to the company’s vision, the new exoskeleton could eventually lead to free movement of people and things.

Technical details about the new suit aren’t out yet, but what we have here are plenty of images. Check them all out and smile a little, for this suit brings us a step closer to being a real life Tony Stark.


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  • Fz rman says:

    Its an old technology i believe …….as it most probably working on a hydrolic technology…generally used for power steering in vehicles .. we are seeking somthing new …may be nuclear power would be best .