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Hyundai’s 800cc, 2-lakh rupee, sub-Santro car coming to Auto Expo 2012


Mr. H. S. Lheem, who was Hyundai Motor India’s Managing Director and CEO till some time back, had announced that Hyundai is working on a new city car that would be extensively designed for India and had the prospect of being exported to other developing/developed markets. This was the same car that later gained prominence as Hyundai’s ‘upcoming $3,500 city car’. Mr. Lheem had also clarified that the car wouldn’t compete with Tata Nano – which was an indirect hint that the city car’s direct rival was the car thats sits above the Nano on the price list – the Maruti Suzuki Alto.

The Alto enjoys the largest market share on the small car sales in India and Hyundai aims to take the fight to this car with its upcoming city car. The images we have attached are the artist impressions of what the upcoming car, codenamed the H800, would look like. Though the impressions look too radical to be true, they still provide an insight on what the car may have on offer. The car’s design seems to adopt the same theme that decorates the i40 and the new Elantra, instead of the other ‘i’ nomenclature cars sold in India – the i10 and the i20. Unlike the i10/i20’s vertically stacked taillights, the H800 may get horizontal taillight units similar to the ones shown in the design. The car’s wheels-at-corners design will allow ample interior space, while the taller roofline like the i10 will give the cabin a roomier feel than the Alto.

The H800, as the name suggests, will be powered by a 800cc engine that is developed specially for India. Engineered in Korea, the engine will begin on-road testing soon in the body shell of an i10 – which has us believing that the new engine is a derivative of the mill that currently powers the i10. The 800cc mill will be mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox which will be tuned for better fuel efficiency – somewhere in the range of 19-22 kmpl. While the car is being developed in Korea, Hyundai is closely working with their OEMs for maintaining the projected cost and quality standards. The car will be manufactured in India with 100% localisation. The H800 too will use the ‘i’ nomenclature and will be unveiled at the 2012 Auto Expo. It is expected to go on sale immediately after its unveiling. “We are on course. The development is on but can’t say when will it be launched,” said Mr. H. W. Park,  HMIL’s current Managing Director and CEO.

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