Husqvarna’s Electric Scooter ‘E-01’ Will Arrive In 2021

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A few days ago, we reported about Husqvarna’s upcoming electric motorcycle named E-Pilen which will see the light of the day sometime in 2022. But if you take a look at the current electric mobility scenario in India, electric scooters are found in greater numbers as compared to electric motorcycles. That brings us to E-01, the upcoming electric scooter from Husqvarna which will become a thing of reality even before the E-Pilen. According to the leaked documents, the E-01 will get launched in 2021.

More detauls

The leaked document which was an excerpt of a presentation, also had a concept image of the upcoming electric scooter and had some juicy details as well. Although there isn’t any official word regarding it, it would be safe to assume that it will be based on Bajaj Chetak electric scooter’s platform.

Husqvarna E 01 Electric scooter

This Husqvarna e-scooter is likely to be powered by a 4kW electric motor. It’s the same platform that the Bajaj Chetak is built on. But expect the Husqvarna to come with better performance and riding range. The report states that Husqvarna is working on a common EV platform that will be able to accommodate motors ranging between 4kW and 10kW. the Husqvarna E-01 is most likely to borrow the Bajaj Chetak’s 4 kW / 16 Nm electric motor and 4.08 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Husqvarna may opt to offer a higher capacity battery pack for an increased range. The Chetak has a claimed range of 95 kms. Top speed is a little over 60 kmph.

The design

Talking about the design, the e-scooter does look quite futuristic with its edgy lines and minimalistic design.  There’s a  handsome silver colour scheme with hints of neon green. The split seats will also be a unique element on a scooter in India. The name E-01 is clearly visible on the side, but it’s a little too early to know if this name will make it to production or if it’s just an internal code.

Husqvarna E pilen (1)

The Pierer Mobility report states that this upcoming Husqvarna electric scooter is going to be manufactured by Bajaj at Chakan. It might also share the same showroom space with Bajaj Chetak, just like Vitpilen and Svartpilen 250 do with the KTMs. This route will help both the brands save on operational costs but also make full use of the showroom space.

The E-Pilen

In an investor’s presentation held towards the end of August 2020, Pierer mobility, the parent company of KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas motorcycles showed off a range of electrically powered two-wheelers under the ‘Performance and Urban E-Mobility’ section. Apart from the e-bikes, the presentation also showcased an electric Husqvarna-branded motorcycle, with a clear timeframe of its production reality! It looks like this green motorcycle will be made available in 4kW and 10kW variants.

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Husqvarna E pilen

With such power output, expect this Husqvarna to compete in the entry-level EV segment. The E-Pilen is probably going to be the first electric streetbike from the company. If E-Pilen makes it to production, we can’t help but think about a future where we will get to see KTM E-Dukes as well! The E-Pilen will also boast a modular battery system, though it’s unclear whether the batteries will be swappable, or offer a choice of capacities aimed at increasing range or output.

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