Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship Offers A Ticket To Become A Real World Racing Driver

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Since motorsport is still on pause in India, a lot of official events have shifted towards the virtual world of E-Racing. The Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship has been officially launched in India, and it will be Volkswagen Motorsport India’s first mainstream motorsport event to have a virtual edition.

The event will be organized in partnership with Indian e-Racing Championship. This will not only be Volkswagen Motorsports India’s first major virtual racing series but instead of just allowing everyone to play a mere game, this event also provides everyone with an opportunity to become an actual on-track race driver.

Volkswagen virtual racing championship

The Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship is a virtual version of the Polo Cup. Just like every Volkswagen real-world championships, this virtual championship will also last five rounds, with three practice sessions in each, The entire qualifying session will host two races. The total number of participants allowed will be 26 competitors and two guest racers in each event.

If you are wondering about the rewards, the winner will get an opportunity to become a real-world Race Driver. If that’s not enough to motivate you, the winner of the Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship (VW VRC) will also get a season’s sponsorship worth Rs. 1 Million for the 2021 Volkswagen Polo National Championship. Even more, all championship contenders will receive online driver coaching and data-enabled training to help them analyze and improve their skills.

Virtual racing championship volkswagen

How To Participate

There are no restrictions for the initial selection process; so those interested in participating can register themselves through the official site of Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship India. This simply means that anyone can register for this event and there is no fee for the initial registration as well.

If you are wondering about the requirements, Volkswagen will provide basic training for all the participants via a webinar. In terms of hardware requirements, participation in the VW VRC will be via any of 3 options that you can choose –

–          PC (Desktop / Laptop using a Keyboard)

–          PC (Desktop / Laptop using a Steering Wheel / Controller)

–          PS4 (PlayStation4 using a Controller / Steering Wheel)

All you’ll need is to have the license for the required games. Those selected to participate in the final championship will have to pay a fee of Rs 9,990 and will need to have a steering wheel and pedal setup for Assetto Corsa. Online registrations have already begun on August 10 and will end on September 11, 2020. This will be followed by the Stage 1 selection process on September 19.

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