HP Fastlane Introduces Real-Time Fuel Price Indicator


HP Fastlane users can now check the current fuel prices at HPCL outlets around them on a real-time basis. By adding this new feature into India’s first fuelling app, Fastlane aims to enable its 90,000+ registered users to make informed decisions and manage to refuel of their vehicles more efficiently. Launched in partnership with HPCL, Fastlane is an initiative by AGS Transact Technologies Limited, one of India’s leading end-to-end cash and digital payment solutions company.

HP Fastlane

The Fastlane app fetches real-time fuel prices of 120+ participating HPCL petrol pumps in Mumbai, Thane, Vashi & Pune directly from HPCL fuel price service. This online service provides updated fuel price for each HPCL retail outlet ensuring its accuracy and authenticity.

How does this feature work?

  • User logs in to the Fastlane app
  • He/she  clicks on the ‘Pumps near me’ tab on the app
  • The app lists all the Fastlane enabled HPCL Petrol pumps in the vicinity of the user
  • Each fuel outlet listed on the app mentions the fuel type available & its current price

The Fastlane app leverages RFID technology to provide cashless, cardless & a paperless fuelling experience to fleet owners & individuals. Its digital payment platform provides transparency in the entire fuelling process right from adding money to the Fastlane app to presetting the fuel amount and actual fuelling at the fuel outlet. As a result, it provides faster checkouts at fuel pumps, reduced fuel pilferage and assurance of paying for only what is filled.

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Fuel prices across the country and globally have been on the rise due to the current standoff between U.S. and Iran. The fears of a new conflict in the middle-east have sent crude oil prices soaring, as the region is still where giant but poor in oil reserves nations like China and India source their fuel from. On the other hand, the United States has declared itself fuel-independent and since the country’s fuel production has gone up, the shale revolution in the United States has made the country the world’s largest oil producer, ahead of Saudi Arabia.


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