Honda Unveils 2021 CB400X And CB400F At Shanghai Auto Show

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While the motorcyclists in our country are locked down in their homes, again, our beloved neighbour is having a gala of a time at the Shanghai Auto Show. Keeping envy and never-ending hatred aside, Honda has unveiled its CB400X and CB400F in China. Both the motorcycles look strikingly similar to their elder siblings, namely CB500X and CB500F. If you aren’t familiar with both the motorcycles, the CB400X is an ADV-tourer while the CB400F is more suited for spirited urban riding.

More details

The reason why Honda decided to unveil the CB400X instead of CB500X in China is that the Chinese aren’t accustomed to large-capacity ADV and the 400cc motorcycles will be a tad less intimidating as compared to their 500cc counterparts.

Honda CB400X and CB400F


Visually speaking, both the motorcycles look largely similar to their 500cc versions but the CB400F boasts of a restyled LED headlamp that looks less aggressive. It still looks like a true-blue naked roadster, thanks to its chiselled fuel tank, flat handlebar, and centre-set footpegs, which should give it a slightly aggressive riding position.

Honda CB500F

The motorcycle has a kerb weight of 188kg, while its wheelbase is 1,416mm long. On the other hand, one of the key changes the CB400X has over its 500cc version is the tyre size. It gets 17-inch alloys wrapped in 120/70 front and 160/60 rear dual-purpose tyres while the CB500X gets a 19-inch front.

Specs and features

The 2021 CB400X for China is the same CB400X that Honda sells in Japan, with the same engine: a 399cc water-cooled DOHC inline parallel-twin that pumps out 46PS and 38Nm, mated to a 6-speed gearbox with an assist and slipper clutch. The CB400F utilizes the same powertrain.

Honda CB400X

Both the bikes get a digital instrument cluster while other features include LED headlights all around, an adjustable brake lever, Honda Ignition Security System and a reinforced handle lock mechanism. The CB400X is available in two variants: standard and touring. The latter gets a few touring-specific accessories, like panniers, a top box, and crash guards.

Honda CB400X (1)

It wouldn’t be logical to assume that we will be getting either of the motorcycles because Honda recently launched the CB500X in India. Not to forget, at a rather exorbitant price tag. While we whine about the pricing, we would still love to see other 500cc Hondas making it to our shores.

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