Honda tops seller’s list in two-wheeler market in July

Honda tops seller’s list in two-wheeler market in July. Here is the chart of which company stood where in terms of sales.

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Honda’s best selling scooter, the Activa, has overtaken Hero’s best selling motorcycle, the Splendor in terms of sales in July 2014 versus same period last year. The total number of units of Activa sold by Honda rose from 116,765 in July last year to 191,883 units in July this year.

Hero MotoCorp’s Splendor sold 165,779 units in July this year versus 156,566 units in the same period last year. Hero’s Passion and HF Deluxe retained the third and fourth spot respectively. While the Passion sold 116,302 units in July this year versus 114,067 units in the same period last year, the HF Deluxe sold 88,343 units versus 70,231 units during the same time frame.

New Hero Super Splendor 2014

Bajaj’s Discover that held the fifth position in July 2013 with sales of 65,038 units slipped down to the bottom of the list at the 10th spot with July 2014 sales figure coming to 42,339 units. Now, the hopes to regain lost sales figure lies on two new models introduced to Bajaj’s Discover family, the 150F and 150S.

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Here is a chart of top 10 sellers in the two-wheeler market for the month of July, 2013 and 2014:

RankModels2013 (Sales)RankModels2014 (Sales)
4HF Deluxe70,2314HF Deluxe88,343
5Discover65,0385CB Shine79,319
6CB Shine59,9556Moped56,036

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