Boy gets Pagani Huayra as a gift on his 15th birthday

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I remember how, as a kid, I bugged my father for weeks for getting a gaming console on my birthday. Once my dad agreed to my demand, I spent nearly a month, marking the calendar with a red marker, waiting for my birthday and gaming console to arrive. It was a small Mitashi gaming console which was priced at about 1,500 rupees back then. But after reading finding this news story online, I realised that I should have demanded a Play Station!

This lucky 15-year-old kid received a present that is likely to end up on the walls of many people. This kid from Kaohsiung, Taiwan received a USD 1.3 million worth Pagani Huayra, the very first in the country. However, he is still under age so the company will deliver the car to the boy on his birthday and then return it back to Italy. He will receive this birthday gift only when he attains the driving age. But wouldn’t Pagani have another, more advanced car in the market by then?


The Huayra is powered by a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 which has been sourced from Mercedes-AMG and is capable of producing 730 hp. All this power propels the Huayra from naught to 100 kph in little over three seconds and has a top speed of about 372 kph.

Still happy about getting that motorcycle on your birthday?

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Source: IPE Facebook via WorldCarFans


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