Honda CBR250R official Indian website up, with price calculator

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Honda Motorcyles and Scooters India has put up the official site of the CBR250R. Apart from the usual features that you get on any automotive product website such as pictures, specs and other details, the new site has another unique feature. Honda knows that it has priced the bike extremely well, and they want the visitors of the website to know the fact. The CBR250R website has an online price calculator for all cities and town in India. All you have to do is choose your state and town and the CBR250R price calculator will give you the ex-showroom as well as the OTR price of the bike. Here is a list of ex-showrrom and OT prices of the CBR250R as generated by the online calculator


CBR 250R ABS  Rs. 1,68,001  Rs. 1,84,062

CBR 250R STD  Rs. 1,43,001  Rs. 1,56,793


CBR 250R ABS  Rs. 1,77,233  Rs. 1,92,359

CBR 250R STD  Rs. 1,51,033  Rs. 1,64,044


CBR 250R ABS  Rs. 1,71,304  Rs. 1,96,492

CBR 250R STD  Rs. 1,46,081  Rs. 1,67,670


CBR 250R ABS  Rs. 1,70,045  Rs. 1,86,307

CBR 250R STD  Rs. 1,45,044  Rs. 1,59,072

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