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Honda CBR 250R Reimagined As An ADV-Tourer Is A Stuff Of Dreams!


It has been years since the Honda pulled the plug on the CBR250R. Many accolades have been sung in the praise of the CBR 250R. It sort of gave birth to the affordable performance motorcycle segment in India and is still considered to be one of the best affordable sport-tourers to ever grace Indian soil. Time and again, we find ourselves rekindling the possibilities of having the CBR 250R back on the shelves and the digital render featured here, takes the nostalgia to a whole different level.

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The ADV segment in India witnessed a meteoric rise in the last couple of years and this render by Abin Designs makes us believe that if the CBR 250R ever makes a comeback, it should don the same rugged clothes showcased here.

Honda CBR250R adv tourer render

The CBR 250R was one handsome-looking motorcycle. Its VFR-inspired looks were certainly pleasing to the eyes but the overall design started feeling a little dated as compared to its other modern-age rivals. The CBR 250R ADV-tourer featured here looks a lot sharper and sleeker as compared to the OG sports-tourer. The digital artist has managed to evolve the design in a rather modern way and it definitely works in its favour. A pair of winglets have been placed smartly under the LED headlamp cluster while the windshield also appears to be larger than the stock one. The stock clip-on handlebar has been swapped by a tube-type handlebar while the ruggedness is further accentuated by the inclusion of knuckle-guards.

Honda CBR250R adv tourer render (1)

Even in its stock form, the CBR 250R was a rather comfortable motorcycle and was built with just one intent – to munch miles. The ADV-tourer builds on that very foundation and offers a relaxed, upright riding stance. The foot pegs are almost perpendicular to the seat. In terms of functional improvements, the bike gets USD forks at the front in golden shade, radially mounted brake calliper and a new rotor. Ground clearance also appears to have been increased.

man puts honda cbr250r up for sale because he got bored of its reliability 1

The CBR 250R was powered by a 249cc motor, belting out 25 bhp, coupled with comfortable riding ergonomics made for a comfortable sport-tourer. The suspension setup was pliant and wasn’t too stiff for our not so smooth Indian roads. It used to iron out all the mild undulations on the road while still carrying good speeds. Then there was the safety net of ABS which was a novelty for those times. The CBR 250R was a legend in its own might and if Honda ever decides to resurrect the OG sports-tourer, it woudn’t hurt to see it in an ADVenturous avatar.



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