Honda Cars India Limited to hike prices in April, the last one being in January

Honda Cars India Limited to hike prices in April, the last one being in January. The new prices are yet to be revealed.

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Honda Cars India Limited to hike prices in April.

Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) has decided to undertake another price hike of its already quite expensive cars. This is not the first time that the Japanese carmaker has raised the ‘bar’ on pricing, the previous one being in January of this year. That time, the prices of every Honda car went up by around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 60,000 depending on the model. The hike was blamed primarily on the increase in excise duty by the government. This time, however, the company has cited factors such as the ever increasing price of raw materials as one of the main reasons behind this move.

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The Amaze saw an increase in price of between Rs. 19,000 – Rs. 26,000 in January.

While the exact bump in prices haven’t yet been announced, you can bet that your April (and later) purchase of a Honda will be dearer to your wallet. So, want to buy yourself a spanking new Honda vehicle? We suggest you do that before the imminent arrival of April and its despised associate, the price hike. Thanks to the government’s constant faffing with the small car duty structure, HCIL’s smaller cars such as the Brio hatchback and the Amaze sub-compact saloon have come under some pressure.


The City has seen considerable price hikes, but it still drives off the showroom floors.

The upcoming increment in prices of Honda cars, might well be accompanied by company rivals in times to come. However, reactions of other carmakers to similar predicaments as Honda’s, are yet to be seen. That said, despite the upcoming price hike by HCIL, we don’t presume Honda loyalists and newcomers to the brand to be fazed. Of course, too much increase in prices may lead Honda to a point where their rivals’ offerings might seem more affordable. But then again, Honda cars are seldom touted for their affordability, as much as their touted for their reliability and practicality. Oh and the “Honda” badge, of course. We will keep you posted when we get the actual numbers on this.

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