Patent Leak Update : Honda Bulldog concept packs a 400cc woof

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UPDATE: Honda has filed a patent for the Bulldog Concept, and the patent image has leaked online, strongly hinting at the possibility of the 400cc twin cylinder motorcycle making it to production. Featuring a muscular, stocky, chunky styling, the Bulldog presents itself as a tourer with clever utilitarian bits and several smart storage ideas. One of these include the storage compartments flanking the tank on the motorcycle. Check out the leaked patent filing image below.

honda Bulldog conecept patent

If this concept hits production, your actual Bulldog might just turn his tail towards you and sulk inside his kennel. Unveiled at the 31st Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015, the Honda Bulldog concept is an adorable pet that could replace the evening stroll, as it can be ridden by most adults in the family. With a 28-inch seat height, 15-inch wheels wrapped around scrambler patterned rubber and a low center of gravity, the Bulldog concept is an accessible ride for both new and occasional riders.

Honda Bulldog concept (1) Honda Bulldog concept (3)

This canine on two wheels is powered by a 400cc, DOHC, in-line twin cylinder motor, mated to a six-speed gearbox. Sporting unconventionally endearing design, it has twin headlamps upfront which resemble the ones found on the Ruckus, while a tubular crash guard wraps itself around those twin candles and has railings above to carry some load. The engine gets a crash guard, while just above it, there is space for storage on each side of the fuel tank. Another small luggage rack above the tail lamp and a high mounted exhaust complete the picture. Also to be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, the model was developed with the concept ‘Lovable Touring Partner,’ and was designed to bring smiles to the faces of not only riders, but people who don’t usually ride motorcycles.

Honda Bulldog concept (2)

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