Honda Activa gets CBS (Combined Braking System)



Six months after the launch of the new Activa, Honda has finally launched the Deluxe variant of its popular scooter, equipped with CBS. Not to be confused with Honda’s C-ABS anti-lock braking system, the CBS does not prevent locking up of the brakes. Honda’s claims of achieving a shortens the braking distance are entirely debatable as even the non CBS version uses the same 130mm drums at either end and hence the braking power essentially remains constant. However the BBS system does allow for an even brake-force distribution through a grab of a single lever. It will be useful for all those people who have the habit of using only the rear brake and will help them in emergency braking situations.

The Deluxe variant also gets a magnetic key-hole lock which is operated by a magnet in the key-fob plastic itself and covers up the keyhole with a metal plate to avoid lock tampering for added security. The Deluxe variant retails for Rs 46,800 (On-Road, Pune), an additional one thousand rupees over the non-CBS version.

Mihir Gadre

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