Honda Accord discontinued in India. We’re not surprised

Honda Accord Discontinued India, specs, sales figures, pics and details

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In a development that doesn’t really come across as surprising, it has emerged that the Accord, Honda Cars India’s flagship sedan, has been taken off the shelves.

The news of sale of Honda Accord being discontinued in India has  been broken by popular business daily Economic Times, who say that the car has been discontinued owing to its poor sales performance.

The development has been confirmed by Jnaneshwar Sen, senior vice-president for marketing and sales at Honda Cars India. While Mr. Sen confirmed our belief that the next gen Accord is India bound, he refrained from providing the timeframe for the new car’s launch.

Much of the Accord’s discontinuation in India can be attributed to the high demand for diesel-engined cars and the D-segmenter’s lack of diesel engine option. It may be noted that thanks to the shift in popularity towards car propelled by oil burners, sales of those cars which come with only a petrol engine option have taken quite a big hit.

So bad has been the case with the Accord that the flagship Honda sedan managed to find just 272 units in this fiscal. of the Accord were sold in India. In fact, in almost five years that the car was on sale in the country, Honda Cars India managed to sell just 11,492 units of the otherwise globally successful car. With such paltry sales figures, we aren’t too surprised that the Accord has managed to go out of production in India.

The India spec eight gen Honda Accord was powered with a four-cylinder 2.4-liter engine that came equipped with Honda’s trademark iVTEC technology and had peak power-torque of 180PS-225Nm. Also on offer for those craving for more power was a 3.5-liter V6 motor that had a peak power-torque of 275PS-339Nm. Both the engine options were available with a 5-speed automatic transmission, with the 4 pot motor also getting a 5-speed manual.

It is sad to see Honda’s much cherished D segment sedan going out of production in India. What do you feel?

via Economic Times

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  • Its good to know that a seriously overrated car is out of the market. It was just a car for people who do not expect much from cars. I had used one these in the middle east for a few days. It was an absolutely horrid one.