Honda 2 Wheelers To Bring NSF 250R In India For Exclusive Racing Championship


Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has been active in racing in India for over a decade now. As a part of aggressive new directional shift towards racing, Honda now announces a new roadmap to take India’s best racing talents rise as an icon in International Championships.

With over 750 Grand Prix wins, Honda is a global leader in motorsports. To replicate the same success in Asia & Oceania, all Honda Group of Companies in the region, including India, have created 3 new teams exclusively for Asian riders in international racing championships.

Honda 2 Wheelers To Bring NSF 250R Moto3 Motorcycles For Exclusive Racing Championship (2)

The first of these, Honda Asia Dream Racing, will compete in the historic Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race and JSB1000 class of All Japan Road Race Championship, the most premier road racing championship in Japan.

The second team, IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia is a platform for Asian riders in Moto2 and Honda Team Asia in Moto3 class of FIM Road Racing Championship. These two classes are the stepping stones to MotoGP, the most premier class of circuit racing. Honda 2Wheelers India dreams of an Indian rider representing the country in these teams.

Honda 2 Wheelers To Bring NSF 250R Moto3 Motorcycles For Exclusive Racing Championship (1)

Indian racers to race NSF 250R – The 2015 Moto3 championship winning motorcycle

NSF 250R is recognised around the world as one of the best motorcycles for budding racers because of its ideal blend of high performance and rider-friendly nature. Developed by Honda Racing Corporation after years of research and development, NSF 250R is a major step up for young riders bringing them at par with international standards. The compact, light-weight and high-performance motorcycle will help young talent to learn the basics for moving up the ladder from entry level to international Grand Prix Racing.

Powering the NSF 250R is a 249cc engine assisted by a RAM air intake system helping the motorcycle obtain high power output even in challenging hot conditions. The NSF 250R has a low centre of gravity and combined with an optimised swingarm for the right amount of flexibility, gets the motorcycle precise handling abilities.

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