HMSI renames Shine as Honda CB Shine!

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It hasn’t been much long since HMSI (Honda Motor & Scooter India) renamed its Unicorn to the new CB Unicorn. In the 10th Auto Expo, most of us had built up high expectations from Honda after having a glimpse of the Honda Unicorn Sports Edition. We were expecting the bike to hit the roads as soon as possible since the very much old Unicorn was in terrible need of refreshment. However, our expectations were partially shattered after Honda announced the launch of its upgraded Unicorn which had no more than a new prefix to its existing name, thus making it from Honda Unicorn to Honda CB Unicorn and a new viscous air filter which most of the Honda Models in India seem to be getting.

Now, Honda has repeated the same action. But this time, it is the Honda shine which has been upgraded to bear a prefix on its name thus making it Honda CB Shine. Yes! The CB Shine too will feature the viscous air filter like the other Honda vehicles from HMSI stable. We weren’t expecting a new sports edition for the Honda Shine though, but most of us are now intolerable towards the Hero Honda tactic of fooling the customers by adding a suffix or a prefix to the existing names of the bikes without any real technological advancement.

However, we cannot make any early judgments upon HMSI’s moves to rename its current models with a ‘CB’ prefix. Who knows? May be the company may have plans to introduce a new refreshed version of the Unicorn and the Shine and at the same time, wants to retain the older versions too. Hence, the prefix. Let’s keep our fingers crossed as an when we come to know as in what is the real plan in the mind of HMSI.

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