Hero Motors “Hastur” with 600cc engine under development; Auto Expo Debut


After unveiling products like the Hero HX250R, RNT diesel-electric hybrid scooter and a new 110cc scooter named Dash, it has emerged that Hero Motors is currently developing a 600cc bike which has been codenamed “Hastur”.

According to a report by ET, Hero Motors will showcase the bike in its concept avatar the Auto Expo 2014 this week. Economic Times have obtained the information from two highly placed sources of the event company which will handle Hero Motors’ stall at the Auto Expo.


“It has an aggressive street-fighter look. The big sporty tyres, performance suspension and the yellow coloured metal frame tubes make it look lean, nimble and powerful,” one of these two persons told ET on condition of anonymity.

“Going by the initial look of the bike, it seems to have been designed for the international markets, but it is likely to be launched in the domestic market as well at some stage, where super bikes sales are one of the fastest in the world,” says the other person.

This 600cc Huster is likley to borrow parts and tech from Eric Buell , with whom Hero Motors have signed a partnership deal. This bike has been developed for the international markets, and is likely to be launched in the Indian market too.

Although not much details are available, we can surely say that post its split with the Japanese auto giant Honda, Hero Motors are now coming up with block buster offerings. With the diesel electric concept scooter, they have surely upped the Indian scooter scene.

Stay tuned to Motoroids for more updates on the Hero Hastur from the Auto Expo 2014.

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  • Dinesh says:

    I will buy this bike……..if its pricing will be good….because it will be manufactured in india …..its pricing will be very agrassive….if they launch this machine at 3.5…….then…bajaj beee ware of hero …lol…seriously……….. ..i didnt liked there krizma zmr 2014…..it was shit……but now all other bikes by hero are very will designed………..although i own a pulsar 220f…….and i dont know why people fight with each other that there pulsar is best or there krizma is better..or…yamaha is the best……….i honestly say that hero is doing very good………i seen new bajaj pulsar 400ss ….that thing is very well designed seriously…….yamaha , honda …kawasaki…hero will eat them all…….even it can eat bajaj if bajaj didnt launch a 600cc +MACHINE in the markit soon and price it carefully……..hero and bajaj are indian companies..they are doing very good…..now lets see what tvs will bring….lol……indian companies will eat …yamaha..honda..kawasaki..seroiusly…….if they goo too superbike manufacturing………..jai hind……….i am very happy…our companies are waking up……….actually indian companies are funny..because..at one side they r handling 100cc and on other side they are now in the race of performance……..lake bajaj brought 400 cc that is 375……on other hand hero brought 600cc……and lets c what tvs bring….hope far 800cc lol……………bhayoon…sarray bollo jai hind…….

  • Kamal Thakur says:

    Well on apple i can say i def agree to u!! I dont recall any worst bloodsuckers in history of tech. So far!! As far your pre convo i agree the fact its difficult but then its never easy to do it anyway and you asked who did it well i can recall of Tvs it has started and improving still on its own. Yes tech can not be anybodys monopoly but i mind when you look at it then its that we as indian never achieved anything and only thing we care is money! And thats sad for us cause people around world never sees us as innovative or creative! We just as any other out there! Today there so many people trying to innovate and build new but yet corporates fail to harness it! I dont blame on solely hero for that but to expect that from worlds largest manufacturer is very large? I guess! !

  • Jennicks Rajiah says:

    I for one am really happy that they could sort things out and bring us the R&D tech(even if its from Buell) in these awesome products at the prices we expect. It's at least better than a lot of other companies like Apple and many other MNC's who extort money for their crap the same way. Think about it, very few manufacturers do what Hero Moto Corp does for us.

  • Jennicks Rajiah says:

    Buying shares = Investing money = Money for R&D = Helping Buell..
    How difficult is that to understand?

    And you seem to think that the R&D is so easy huh? Do you have the slightest idea of the difficulties to develop such a product especially in India, where each company is dependant on a lot of other ones and they depend on others? Its just the way things are here. I'd like you to point out any other Indian manufacturer who has grown in R&D the way you depicted in your comment.

    My point is, it is difficult, and by no means a simple feat. So it doesn't matter if some of the tech is borrowed. No company has a 100% monopoly over the tech they claim as theirs anyway.

  • Rival says:

    Oh uncle!! this is automotive forum/blog. Mind your language.
    n can you tell me any 600cc bike which buell developed and with two cylinders??
    and comparission, I can compare u with that Kejriwal for fooling and comparing thing which is ye to be decided. learn some manners.
    At last from my side your a Ch*#*ya!!
    Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ;P