Hero Honda Auto Expo 2010

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Happenings at the Hero Honda stall – 6TH Jan at 4:55 pm

This was the hall with the arguably the most stunning visual display of the entire expo. It is a computer controlled water curtain which was unique. The water falling from a height of about 20 feet was released from more than a hundred nozzles in a sequential manner, such that the falling droplets were actually in the form of messages that could be read, along with very accurately rendered graphics.

There were two such water curtains with a white ZMR rotating some distance above the ground inside a large ring like display unit. It was fascinating to read words and see graphic such as the CBZ logo formed totally out of water droplets, beginning at the top and falling to the ground where they would get obliterated and be followed by the next set of drops having their own unique pattern.This is one of those things which one can merely describe – the beauty of the actual thing is beyond description in mere words.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Suffice to say that I have not seen such a pretty display for a long time, and I think most of the visitors to the stall had not seen anything similar either. Unique, innovative, and very pretty.
There was also a bike sculpture made of scrap metal which was prominently exhibited and though not in the same league as the water curtain ,was a crowd puller in it’s own right.The bikes and their, er stickers? Nothing new. And I am sure you know the names of all the bikes, won’t bore you with them. All in all the Hero Honda stall at the expo was refreshing and unique. Now if only they could do that with the bikes……..


Hero Honda has announced that it will unveil 3 new products which will go on sale this year. And ofcourse, the newly launched Hero Honda Karizma ZMR will be put on display at Hall no. 7

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

Hero Honda

Hero Honda’s exhibit area, like always is expected to cover the largest area. However, to expect something exciting or innovative would be a being a little too optimistic. We have been visiting the Hero Honda stalls for many Expos now, only to realize that the same old models with altered paint schemes or graphics are parked or hung on the walls. We hope this year will be different, although it seems highly unikely. Please Hero Honda, being the leading national two-wheeler company, give us something totally exciting this time around. Please, please!

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