Bajaj opts out of Auto Expo 2010, New Pulsar 150, New Pulsar 180 coming soon


If reports and hints from Bajaj officials are to be believed, then Bajaj might not be present at the Auto Expo at all. But Rajiv Bajaj for one, is known to hide a surprise up his sleeve and we won’t be surprised if we are suddenly welcomed to an all-blue Bajaj exhibit this Jan. If they do participate, Bajaj reportedly have a couple of exciting vehicles which can steal limelight off the other manufacturers.

Auto Expo 2010 Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS

The first is the successor to the Pulsar 200, which we believe will follow similar design cues as the recently launched Pulsar 135 LS. The bike will be powered with the same 200cc DTS-i engine which powered the now defunct model, albeit with a four-valve tech like we saw on the P135.  The second vehicle will be a concept that will preview the new 2011 line of Pulsars which would sport bigger engines, newer tech and a totally new design as compared to the current lot. Remember the Pulsar DTS-Fi concept at the 2006 Auto Expo, which later transformed into the 220Fi production model in 2007? Expect something similar this time around as well…



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