Hero Electric Launches its E-Rickshaw Named Raahii

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Hero Electric today launched its much-awaited electric rickshaw, ‘Raahii’ in New Delhi. The sleekly designed e-rickshaw is built for a smooth ride for the regular commuter, cutting through the bustling roads of the city.
Raahii features a 1000W motor, 220V, 50HZ, SMPS BASED CHARGER, 12V, 100AH battery and 55A, 36MOSFET controller for unmatched performance in its category. The e-rickshaw weighs only 190 kgs.  It also gets a mobile charger and has ergonomically designed foot brake for drivers.
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At the launch, Mr Sohinder Gill, CEO Hero Electric said, “We are highly ecstatic on launching this innovative model of e-rickshaw. Raahii is designed to ease the hassles that daily commuters and drivers have to go through while travelling. With its durable built that promises reliability and longevity, we are also ensuring that it delivers on long terms benefits to the environment as well.”
The e-rickshaw comprises a HPF Charger that consumes less power and can withstand high voltage fluctuations. It also comes with internal L.E.D. light for passenger and driver and USB mobile charger for driver. Besides these, it is replete with reclined seat, spacious legroom and floor mats that further enhance the experience of travellers. 
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‘Raahii’ has been certified as per the guidelines of ARAI. Hero Electric will also provide doorstep service for institutional customers .and the e-rickshaw easy to repair components make it the most practical, promising and contemporary model of electric rickshaws on the road today.
So gear up and let Raahii become your perfect companion to breeze through the roads.  
According to Hero Electric, the key differences on Raahii are its upgrades and refinements from the existing electric rickshaws. They are listed as follows:
Welding: Current electric rickshaws use welding at their joints such as arm rests, step through area and the roof which are poorly executed and result in easy disintegration and breakages. Raahii addresses this issue by using nut and bolt under cover with chassis and 3mm thick L-Plate Gussets at the joints resulting in a more reliable and strong body and safeguard the weld joints from rusting.
Paint & Rust: The paint quality used by the existing e-rickshaw is substandard and result in the rusting of the vehicle. Raahii uses a superior double coat painting on the surface (25-30 microns thick), under chassis parts and front & rear side of wheels giving it extended life and improved quality. The under body is covered in Epoxy Resin which does not allow for rusting.
Other areas of improvement are use of military grade fasteners to avoid rusting and the nuts & bolts which are exposed on the current e-rickshaw have been redesigned to be fixed inside the body covers to keep its exposure to the environment a minimum.
Space: The legroom provided for the driver and passenger in the Raahii is substantially larger and the highest space on any electric rickshaw present on Indian roads making for a more comfortable and spacious ride.
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