Here’s What Automobile Brands Were Up To This Women’s Day

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What automobile and associated brands were up to this Women’s day?

The 8th day of March is celebrated as International Women’s day. Every major brand voices its stance for the powerful ladies all over the world on this day and automobile and automobile associated brands are no different. Here’s what various automobile brands were up to yesterday

Tata Motors

Tata Motors via a digital short film has showcased how truly limitless a women is. Tata Motors has used its Altroz in analogy to what a modern woman faces and goes through and remarks that a woman is so much more than the standards, characteristics and attributes the society has set for her.

She is a beast and when she decides to unleash that beast, she is unstoppable and can get whatever she wants. The Altroz serves up as Tata Motors’ analogy of how the premium hatchback faces modern-day challenges. This is 1st of the 3 digital films Tata Motors has unveiled for 2021. Truly heart-touching.

Tata Motors women's day campaign 2021

Audi India

Audi celebrated women’s day with its #DriveTheChange initiative to drive over gender-related stereotypes. Audi India has kicked off the initiative by inviting its fanbase to post some of the gender-related stereotypes they are tired of hearing. Comments like can you reach the pedals or you drive pretty well for a woman or can you change the tyre on your own etc are few examples of age-old stereotypes and supposedly funny remarks women are subjected to. Audi India has recognised them as sexist and obsolete stereotypes which need to be put to rest.


CEAT tyres have launched their digital film and their initiative #UthaoSawalKhayalBadlo which emphasizes changing the stereotypes the society holds for women in regards to their ability to drive and ride well. It showcases how a male friend is reluctant to be pillion to his fellow female friend.

His friend then proceeds to tell him if he’s scared to sit behind a lady on a motorcycle to which he replies no and eventually gets on her Royal Enfield, clenching the grab rails. Over time, he realises that women can ride well and these are just vague stereotypes and takes his hands off the grab rail. It is a beautiful depiction that covers a sensitive topic and executes it impeccably.

Ceat women's day campaign 2021


Honda is celebrating International Women’s day by unveiling a black-and-white video montage displaying how Women are driving a change. A change that spans across segments – tech, sports, economy, orchestra, boardroom etc. The film concludes with an extraordinary tag line: We love the way you are driving more than just cars in an epic salute to the power, prowess, capabilities and unstoppability of the female gender. Iconic.

All these campaigns are also a powerful reminder of what vague and ridiculous stereotypes we as a society have developed for women. This also serves as a reminder for treating women with respect and equal consideration not just today, but for the remaining 364 days and again and again and again.

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