Here’s What A Stray Buffalo Did To A Jaguar XF

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Now, the last-gen Jaguar XF was a safe car. Having achieved a maximum 5 Star rating in Euro NCAP’s 2015 safety tests is a testament to that. However, that safety rating was heavily challenged by a stray buffalo in Karnataka.

The buffalo might not have lived to tell the tale, but the occupants of the totalled executive saloon have. The comprehensive safety suite of the XF triumphed over the buffalo’s wraith, but only by just. The mammal must’ve been suddenly wandered in the middle of the road. It must’ve been too late for the speeding Jaguar to respond.


The damage to the Jaguar has been brutal. The hood has crumpled like it were made of cardboard, and the roof has caved in. It seems that the car veered off the road after hitting the animal, causing further damage to the bodywork and under-body.

A buffalo is heavy, with large males weighing up to 900 kg. That’s like hitting a stationary Maruti Baleno at speed. And the Jaguar was indeed carrying some speed. That explains the extent of damage.


As for the caved roof, the animal must’ve been flung in the air after impact. Then it landed on the roof of the car, causing it to cave in. Stray animals on Indian roads, especially highways, are a nuisance. Since they’ll always be there, its the onus of drivers to be extra careful.

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Jaguar XF Crash Buffalo Shimoga (3)
Jaguar XF Crash Buffalo Shimoga (2)
Jaguar XF Crash Buffalo Shimoga (1)


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