VIDEO: Most exercise on a motorcycle ever

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Wanting to be fit is a great thing. Those who follow a regime, mostly wake up before, or without an alarm, dress up in their smartest sportswear and step out to sweat. But then there are some who don’t like tiny droplets to trickle down their bodies while they’re at it and their gym has no proper ventilation. But exercising is necessary and drying off the sweat is important. So they find a motorcycle and somehow learn to keep it stable while their bodies warm up.


They avoid any riding gear because that would beat the whole purpose of their creativity. And because they’re daredevils, they don’t care what approaches from the other side. They just know those things will disintegrate once they collide with their muscles.

P.S: We don’t need to tell you not to try such stuff yourself. We know you are smart. We know you too are lazy like us to exercise.

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