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Here Are Some Of The Weirdest, Most Unusual Cars Ever Made!


The cars we see today undergo a thorough safety parameter checking routine to even get them out of the factory, let alone our home. But, what happens when someone brings a car home and thinks ah, there’s a lot more I can do to this stuff? Well, as enthusiasts, you get to witness some insanely cool innovations and ideas. We have compiled some crazy ones from that list to bring you some of the weirdest & most unusual cars ever made.

An upside-down Ford F150

America loves the Ford F150 and if you have ever been there, it’s easy to verify it. But, what’s better than a Ford F150? A Ford F150 upside-down. Yes, you read that right, an upside-down, street-legal, drivable car.

Upside down Ford F150

This marvel has been created by a mechanic, Mr Rick Sullivan. He got this crazy idea when he was called to rescue an upside-down Ford Ranger in the snow with all 4 wheels in the air. So, he collected parts from a Ford F150. The drivetrain is from a ‘91 Ford Ranger and subsequently tore some parts off and transformed the F150 upside-down on a ‘91 Ford Ranger. Impeccable, Sire!

SSC Thrust

Every now and then, we come across an automobile which is all about mind-numbing figures. The case in consideration here is of the SSC Thrust. It’s a racing car-like body strapped to a jet engine, that’s what it literally is. Developed by Richard Noble, Glynne Bowsher, Ron Ayers, and Jeremy Bliss, It was powered by two afterburning Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan engines, as used in the British version of the F-4 Phantom II jet fighter.

SSC Thrust

Driven by Wing Commander Andy Green, it reached a mind-numbing speed of 1,228 km/hr, which is almost Mach 1 speed, which is insane, at least. The twin engines developed a net thrust of 223 kN, giving a power output of roughly 102,000 bhp (76 MW) at the measured record speed of 341 metres per second,[3] burning around 18 litres of fuel per second.

A Wooden car

This is a bit weird but equally classy ‘real’ car. It’s a retroesque design encapsulated into some lovely wood with lovelier texture and finish. A huge grille upfront accentuated by those massive wheel arches flowing neatly to the back to provide a perfectly engineered appeal for proportions. A twin-seat cockpit is a place we surely want to be in. This is the car that would be laughing in the distance when someone says my car has wood all over the dash and the centre console and quite rightly so.

Wooden car

Sea Lion – an amphibian car

An amphibious car, which can be driven on both land and sea, oh c’mon. Created by Marc Witt, this genius thing can sprint on the land and swim on the water like a pro. It currently draws power from a Mazda 13 V rotary engine which pumps out 174 horses and propels the car to a speed of almost 290 km/hr. Although, it will soon have a Mazda RX 8 Renesis engine which will pump out 300-600 horses of power and god knows what speed on land. It can also do currently 72 km/hr on the water which is pretty good.

Sea lion – amphibious car

How can you not love a car like this? This is crazy to a whole new level. If you had USD 259,500 ( INR 1.9 crore approx ), you could have had one.



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