Harley-Davidson’s ‘Freedom Stories India’ Series Will Get You Through This Quarantine

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Harley-Davidson isn’t just renowned for their motorcycles but because of their riders as well. Leading the forefront of biking brotherhood, Harley-Davidson has always shared a deep connection with its riders. In their approach to transforming owners into brand ambassadors, #FreedomStoriesIndia is Harley-Davidson India’s initiative to celebrate those who share a deep-rooted relationship with not just the brand, but also the open road. The brand, through this innovative campaign aims to celebrate the camaraderie formed in chrome and steel and inspire the new wave of riders.

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The first leg of the initiative comprises of 8 episodes featuring seven prominent flag bearers – the first appointed Regional Directors of the Harley Owners Group community – who have dedicatedly invested in building the H.O.G. community in the country, never backing away from encouraging and inspiring the new wave of riders through their journeys and philosophies.

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The first episode went live across their social media channels on the 21st of February, showcasing the relationship shared by the riders with their freedom machines and the bond within. While the riders narrated tales of a lifetime, the audience appreciated each new episode that delved deeper into their stories.

In totality, the campaign reached over 12,00,000 people across India and garnered a viewership of 11,22,339 views across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, globally and locally. This number of views not only shows the love that people have for Harley-Davidson India, but also the difference that their riding community makes in the larger spectrum of life.

Watching the Freedom Stories India series by Harley-Davidson can prove to be a great pastime for motorcyclists who still can’t get out on the road and ride the distance. In other news, to ease things further, the company has rolled out Harley-Davidson Home Delivery Program and as the name suggests, customers can now explore Harley-Davidson models on the company’s official website, connect to a dealer and get the bike delivered to their doorstep. Further, the customer can also opt for different payment methods for the purchase of their new motorcycle.

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