Harley Davidson LiveWire To Make An Electrifying Entrance In India

The Harley Davidson LiveWire is now listed under the future vehicles tab on the Indian website, confirming the bike's arrival in India in 2020

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After Harley Davidson revealed the specifications of the all-electric Livewire motorcycle, the bike is now listed on the Indian website of Harley Davidson. The first electric motorcycle from Harley Davidson, the LiveWire is currently on sale in countries like United States, Canada and most European countries. The American bike manufacturer is now looking to expand further, with south-east Asian markets in sight, India included. The Indian website lists the electric motorcycle under the future motorcycle tab. It also mentions the fact that this motorcycle would be coming in the year 2020, thus confirming the fact that the Indian market will indeed be seeing this motorcycle in showrooms.

LiveWire 2018

Being powered by an electric motor, the LiveWire does not have a clutch lever. The bike accelerates right away with the twist of the throttle. The instant torque provided by this motor means that the bike can accelerate from a standstill to 100 kmph in just 3 seconds. The bike is capable of achieving a top speed of 153 kmph. The battery packs enough juice to cover 235 km in city conditions and 158 km on the highway. A DC fast charger will top up the juice till 80% in 40 minutes while a full charge would take you an hour. The charging port of the vehicle is located right where your fuel tank lid would be.

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Unlike any other Harley Davidson, the LiveWire comes with quite a few unique features. An optimized centre of gravity, with the batteries placed low and a rigid aluminium frame, the LiveWire delivers nimble, agile handling and is equally enjoyable on the twisty roads. It uses a Showa sourced BFRC mono-shock at the rear and an upside-down fork is offered at the front end. Anchorage duties are done by dual 300 mm-diameter, fitted with Brembo Monoblock brake callipers. Michelin Scorcher Sport tyres have been used, which have a 180 section at the rear and 120 section in the front, designed to enhance the performance of this electric motorcycle. This Harley Davidson comes in interesting shades too. While black is a colour we have seen on a number of Harley Davidsons, the LiveWire comes in two more exclusive shades – Yellow Fuse and Orange Fuse. Expect a price tag of INR 20-22 lakhs when the bike is launched here, next year and stay tuned for more news.