H-D Reveals More Details About LiveWire Lineup

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Harley-Davidson launched its very first electric motorcycle in 2019, and it was called H-D LiveWire. LiveWire was equipped with a high-power battery and motor that churned out 105HP and 117Nm of torque, and the battery offered a range of over 235Km. Seeing the popularity of electric powertrains on bikes, in mid-2021 Harley-Davidson announced that LiveWire will be spinning as the company’s new sub-brand catering to electric bikes. In the process, the first electric Harley was renamed LiveWire One. Most recently, LiveWire hosted a presentation for its investors, but it also gave a glimpse of the upcoming models by the brand.

New Arrow Architecture

The new models called the S2, S3, and S4 are intended to expand the brand’s portfolio. They will sit on a completely new platform; the ‘Arrow’ architecture.

Harley Davidson EDT600R

Being a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, we will see some similar design elements, but the build is all new. The ‘Arrow’ architecture focuses on frameless construction. Instead, they make use of an aluminum battery pack as the monocoque frame. The steering head with the front wheel assembly and the swingarm are both bolted onto the battery case. The rear mono-shock is also attached to the battery case. The motor is present behind the pack and close to the rear wheel, and the Electronic Control Unit is placed at the front. This architecture helps in keeping the weight centralized and keeping the un-sprung weight at a minimum. The cooling system for the bike will depend on the battery capacity and motor and can be either air or liquid-cooled.

S4, S3 and S2: What could they be?

Although LiveWire has not revealed the slightest details of the bikes, it is said that the S4 is likely to be the flagship model of the lot. It will be the heaviest of the bikes and will offer a powerful motor run by a larger battery pack. It will also get the latest technology and features to improve rideability.

Harley Davidson Electric Concept

The S3 will be more on the affordable side of the spectrum. To make it happen LiveWire has teamed up with ‘Kymco’ which is a Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer that has many production facilities in Southeast Asia. Kymco could share its IONEX swappable battery technology with LiveWire, which will make charging a whole lot easier.

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Harley Davidson Flat Tracker Concept

Coming to the S2, while the look and specs of the bike are yet to be released, it may run on the same platform as the electric flat-tracker concept by Harley-Davidson; the EDT600R. The flat-tracker concept also gets a frameless design with components directly mounted on the battery case or engine assembly.

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