Gujarat based farmer designs his own Tata Nano pick-up

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Modified Tata Nano Pick-up (3)

Car modifications in India seem to have surged recently, with people across the country altering their vehicles to make it more practical or to make it stand apart. However, the legality of all these modifications, including this one, are questionable. Recently, a Duster was modified to dual cab pick-up truck. The tasteful modification was done up by Darin Ipe from Kerala. Now, a resident of Madhavpur, a small town in Gujarat has gone ahead and modified his Tata Nano into a pick-up truck.

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Himanshu Shah, a farmer by profession but an automotive enthusiast by heart, took to himself to make the necessary changes to his Tata Nano to suit his needs. The rear portion of the Nano’s cabin has been horizontally cut off in half, and replaced with a custom built frame that features dual fog lamps.

Modified Tata Nano Pick-up (1)

OEM seats make way for an aftermarket bench seat setup sans the backrest. The front part of the cabin has been sealed from the rear and features a small rear windscreen. The posterior of the vehicle also has a signature of the owner in the former of a sticker. The modifications done to the vehicle give it a feel of an open Jeep with respect to the rear cabin , although ingress and egress to the rear section is something that could be a cause of concern.

Shah is said to have taken some help from the local mechanics and welders to complete this one of a kind job. Some other models that this Nano shares its garage with would be an Toyota Innova, as well as a Fortuner.

Modified Tata Nano Pick-up (3)
Modified Tata Nano Pick-up (1)
Modified Tata Nano Pick-up (2)

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  • Raj says:

    No, it does not look good or decent, they ripped off the roof of half the nano car, it does not look like a pick up it looks like some sort of a peculiar auto trolley.