Groupe PSA Opens Technical Centre In India

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Recently, PCA Motors India, part of Groupe PSA, opened its new India Technical Center [ITC] in Chennai, proving its commitment towards the Indian market. The new technical centre will not only play an important role in enhancing the speed and efficiency of the employees working at PSA India, but will also boost the capacity of the group to accelerate further in the Indian market. This means the employees will start working together as one single team, in a large open space. Mr Eric Apode, Senior Vice President, PCA Motors India, was also present at the launch of the India Technical Centre in Chennai.

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This new centre will act as the base for all different departments, such as Research & Development, Programs and Projects, Global Purchasing Hub, Supply Chain, Process and Manufacturing Engineering, Quality, KD Excellence Center and Product. The India Technical Centre (ITC) is located in a specific building area in Chennai One, which is also a part of one of the Chennai Special Economic Zones, also known as SEZ. Groupe PSA has also tied up with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for technical support and the latter is located in the same zone. This close proximity will also help the company enhance and improve work efficiency. The new office has been designed and built in an economical way, consistent with the spirit of scalability corresponding to the India project. In the future, the state-of-the-art centre will also house a workshop for styling, architecture and prototype assembly.

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Commenting on the launch, Emmanuel Delay, Executive Vice President & Head of India-Pacific, Groupe PSA, said, “The new India Technical Center [ITC] is an important step for the development of Groupe PSA in India, and is definitely an asset to grow the Group’s business in the India & Pacific region. This is part of our strategy to develop a global network of state-of-the-art technical centre, strategically positioned in India, to support a customer-oriented agenda. With the new centre, we’re focusing our investment in creating a cohesive work environment to accelerate our growth. This unified approach will improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of our employees while enabling us to address evolving consumer needs more quickly in the future. Our investment in ITC further emphasizes the importance of India to our global business.”

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Commenting on the launch, Eric APODE, Senior Vice President, PCA Motors India, said, “The new India Technical Center is the next strategic step for Groupe PSA in India. It will allow the group to accelerate quickly its growth in India, through the development of new products and deployment of our strategy in and outside India. The area around our new centre is popular for housing dozens of international and Indian companies, this gives the Groupe strong confidence in attracting Indian talent to the new ITC. The Monozukuri philosophy, the art of creating objects in an efficient and effective way is now taking shape with our new India Technical Center, which will benefit group operations domestically and globally.”

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