Greatest Hits: Top 5 tracks from high octane movies

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The glory of moments amplifies many folds when vision meets sound and together combined, they peel off the emotive guards of even the hardest boiled humans. So be it life that unfolds each day, or life that rolls on a reel, laced with melody, moments only become more memorable. We’ve come across some great soundtracks from movies which were shot on cameras powered by petrol, and here’s a list of Top 5 tracks we hope your ears would appreciate.



TomandAndy create a pulsating beat for the end credits of this racer flick, which will make you abuse the repeat button. It lasts for a little less than two minutes, but in that time, it will reignite your open eyed dreams of being on a fast bike tearing apart your favorite track.



Created by the maestro Hans Zimmer for this incredible, well made and surprisingly well received race movie, this soundtrack will make your speakers grow four wheels. We’ll shut up and you must hit that play button now.

Hitting the Apex


All we can say about this track is that you must find yourself a rocking chair, turn off the lights, and wander off.



If stopwatches ever could play instruments, this is what it would sound like. Go on, treat your ears to another masterpiece by Hans Zimmer



Faisal Kapadia’s masterpiece needed another master to make this tribute one of those most memorable things you’d watch on a screen. You might not know the man, or anything about F1 racing, but strangely, for the enigma that Ayrton Senna was, a lot of his soul resides in this movie. Antonio Pinto is at his best as his ghostly melodies make the air heavy, your knees tremble and your ears to shed tears. Listen to all the 20 tracks in this playlist if you can. You’re welcome.

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