Grand Theft Auto V Collects $800M in first day of its sales

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The Grand Theft Auto 5, the latest chapter in the popular gaming series, didn’t take even a day to become a huge blockbuster. Do I hear you ask exactly how successful has the new PC/Console-game from Rockstar Games become? Well, the game collected $800 million on the first day of its launch itself and shattered the previous sales record of $500-million collection on day one. The earlier record was held by Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which was released in November 2012.

As per Edmunds, Rockstar Games sold as many as 12 million copies of GTA V on day one of its launch.

It may be noted that prior to its launch, the GTA V was easily the most hotly anticipated games and we really aren’t surprised to see the unparalleled success that the game has met with in such a short span of time. Have you bought yourself a copy of the GTA V? Do let us know about your experience if you’ve had a go at this blockbuster game.

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